About The Trendy Socialite

Adeea Rogers, a.k.a. The Trendy Socialite, seeks to give readers of The Trendy Socialite blog an insider view of all things fabulous. The Trendy Socialite was born after taking a style quiz in the book, The Budget Fashionista. This blog is designed for mature, stylish, discriminating women who look past the haute couture in magazines and seek to create their own couture.
Adeea loves to blend current trends with vintage treasures. When time and inspiration permits, she also likes to cultivate her creative side. And it was during a creative streak that the essence of Modern Vintage Accessories was born.

Adeea is a Youtube vlogger and blogger, primarily focusing on natural hair care and styling. Those who follow the blog are trendy because they create trends, not just follow them. They are socialites because they are actively engaged in their communities, plugged into and active participants in this global society. True to the “socialite” part of her brand, she hosts natural hair meetups and is the co-moderator and founder of the Eastern Carolina Naturalistas on FaceBook.

Adeea is committed to reinstituting values, style and class many have forgotten. The Trendy Socialite woman has manners, style, grace and elegance. She seeks to influence and encourage other women in all of her interactions--online, in person, through her sorority, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. or through championing the social cause of Domestic Violence Prevention.

When she thinks no one is looking, Adeea sings loudly in her car and she is never, ever far away from Twitter.
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