Haute and Hair Announcement: S3=Summer Style Series Begins March 1!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hey all...

Check out my announcement regarding Summer Style Series...more info to come!

Another Look I Want to Duplicate

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I love this look on Monica! It's a great Saturday look that can literally take you from morning to evening. Brunch, shopping (as she is doing), drinks & tapas and even a late evening event (with a quick change of accessories).
The older I get and the busier my schedule gets, the more I love looks that I can put together in 3 pieces or less LOL. That's why I ADORE dresses. This is very similar in ease to me.
I also like the option of the scarf. Since I'm new to the whole "strapless" dressing, this allows me to feel a bit more covered, yet still shows the style of the outfit. Plus it's great for chilly restaurants or for the cool evening air.

Asos at ShopStyle

Forever 21 at ShopStyle

From Maneandchic: Chic Cards from Aaron Potts

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I absolutely love these cards! Will purchase some very soon! Check them out...

maneandchic: Chic Cards from Aaron Potts

Back Full Circle...Picture Comparison

Hey everyone...
I apologize for neglecting the blog...YouTube has kept me busy! But I will try to balance writing with recording videos. Now if someone can get me another 3-4 hours in my day, I'll be doing a 100! LOL
Anyhoo, I wanted to share a couple of pictures with you. Below is my hair when I began my "healthy hair journey" back in December 2007.

Here is my hair when I made the decision to go natural...
Here is my hair when I BC'd on June 26, 2009

Now here I am back full circle in February, 2010...

Essentially I am back where I was when I started my healthy hair journey a little over two years ago (my layers are a bit shorter than 2007). All things considered, I think it's not a bad place to be.

I can't wait to post pics on my Nappiversary in June. I am debating whether or not I'm going to "hide my hair" until then or not. I tend to get bored really easily with protective styling, so I don't know. Keep checking back for the latest in the ongoing saga that is called "My Healthy Hair Journey!"

Happy Hair Growing!

Trendy Socialite

My DC Mix and Discussion of SAA

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hey all,

In this YT video, I discuss my deep conditioner mix and silk amino acids. ENJOY!

Supa Dupa FLY Giveaway!

Hey all!

I'm soooo excited to give away a SUPA DUPA FLY necklace from Rachel Stewart Jewelry! She is in NC so I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE supporting local businesses and talent. Her jewelry is...FLY! lol Check out my necklace below...

I love it soooooo much that I'm doing a give away so YOU (yes YOU) can get one too! Check out my YT video below for more details!

The contest ends 2/12/10 so please don't wait! Makes a great V-day present to yourself or the "fly girl" in your life!
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