Merry Christmas from The Trendy Socialite

Friday, December 25, 2009

Here is my Christmas message to you...

The makeup I used is in the video description box on YouTube

Haute & Hair: Coastal Scents 26 Palette Eyeshadow Tutorial

Friday, December 18, 2009

I purchased this palette for my mom, my cousins and myself for Christmas from Coastal Scents!
Here is a good tutorial by Omega7373 using this palette:


I'm back in You Tube World

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sooooo after purchasing a new Flip Cam, I'm finally back in You Tube land recording videos. Whoo hoo! This is my first one regarding my Natural Hair Story. Hope you enjoy! Please rate, subscribe and comment!
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Kreativ Blogger Award

My Twitter Addiction is gonna get me in some trouble...but it's the one place online where I can have quality conversation with people, celeb or not. My bff (on Twitter and off), Stylish Living (@Stylish_Living), nominated me for a Kreativ Blogger Award. Now I know I'm no Perez (thank God for BIG favors lol) But I do humbly accept this award. Thank you BFF....I heart you!

7 Things You Don't Know About Me...

  • I eat ALOT of pork, swine, hog...whatever you choose to call it. I am a country grandfather was a farmer who raised hogs. I get it honestly LOL
  • I eat Mount Olive Dill Pickles. A habit I picked up from my grandmother...
  • I only have two pair of jeans...and I don't mind it.
  • I watch all the Law & Orders...repeats and new episodes..ALL THE TIME!
  • I'm an only child and my family spoils me...ALOT
  • I'm a NOTORIOUS procrastinator!!!
  • I collect shoes

7 Blogs I Recommend

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Target Queen Jewelry: (@auset1)

The Broke Socialite: (@brokesocialite)

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Haute & Hair:

Friday, December 11, 2009

Here is another video from a brown beauty, Beauty Chameleon, using Coastal Scents. In this tutorial, she is using the shimmer version of the 42 Double Stack.

Visit her blog, Beauty Chameleon, and subscribe to her YouTube Channel.

Haute & Hair: Dezi1016 Review of Coastal Scents 42 Double Stack Matte Palette

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Here is a video review of the actual palette I purchased from Coastal Scents. I like this particular video because it demonstrates that even darker brown beauties (which I am proud to be part of) can wear this palette. I think this video is featured on the Coastal Scents site.

Now I'm uber excited to try it out when I get home this evening! Please subscribe to her YouTube channel and check out her blog, Beauty Made Easy with Dezi.



I'm back!!!!!

I tell ya, this semester has been a beast (I work at a university)! But classes ended Tuesday and the kiddies are on their way outta here for a few weeks! Thank God!

Anyhoo, I have loads to share with you in the coming weeks. Many are curious about my natural hair journey. I will probably vlog about that in the next day or so...cuz I have this cool new Flip camera that I'm dying to try out...So I will probably do some vlogging for a while and upload it here.

I also plan to do a review and some tutorials on the 42 Double Stack Matte Shadow & Blush Palette that I just purchased from Coastal Scents. I'm very excited!!!!! Here it is...

I look forward to reconnecting with you! In the meantime, if there is a topic or a question you would like for me to answer, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below or email me directly at
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