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Sunday, January 22, 2006

On my weekly trips to Wal-Mart, I scour the aisles to see what "drugstore brand" beauty products I can find and try. I stumbled upon a pearl last night....literally!!!!!

For those of you that don't know, after 10 years of wearing acrylic nails, I soaked them off a few months and decided to nurture my natural nails. It hasn't been easy, but I must admit that right now my nails are looking pretty good. My main complaint is chipping polish. So I've basically resorted to wearing nail polish on the weekends, after my manicure appointments and for special events. This leaves me with plain-jane nails mostly during the week. Ocassionally, I wear clear polish, but even that chips or loses its high-gloss shine after a few days. But those days are now over thanks to a new product by Neutrogena.

Neutrogena Instant Nail Enhancer gives you a light natural sheen without the hassle or chipping (if applied correctly) of nail polish. It is not a high-gloss sheen, but is certainly an excellent option for weekday wear. The huge selling point for me is that it dries instantly. So in 30 seconds I have a nice manicured look. I have combined this product with my nail whitener and I have the look of a french manicure in about 2 minutes. I usually do this after I take my shower and apply lotion. It is now part of my morning routine. Some may think this is a little excessive, but if I look at my hands during the day and they look a mess, then I am not a happy camper!

Instant Nail Enhancer comes in two "shades": Pearl Sheen and Buff Sheen. I purchased the Pearl. Since I like the product, I'll go back for the Buff.

I adore the packaging!!!! I know carry this in my purse as well, just in case I want to touch it up before a meeting, lunch date or dinner. You can literally do this while sitting in traffic or at a stop light. I think someone should start packaging all nail polish this way.


  • Shake gently and apply sparingly (especially the Pearl). Usually one coat is sufficient. You may need two coats with the Buff.
  • You will need to apply it daily (especially with frequent hand-washing or immersion in water)
  • Once a week, use polish remover to remove excess and start over.

I think I paid around $5.99 for it at Wal-Mart. Prices range from $5.99 to $8.50. I wouldn't pay $8 for it, but $6 I can fathom.

The reviews on Makeup Alley have been mostly favorable, but there are a few people who either didn't like it or it didn't work for them. But for me, this product gets 4 stars!

Haute and Happiness!


ANA J. said...

i love it too...does wonders to my nials,the whole going to the parlour to get your nails done things is so tedious....

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