Giving Props

Monday, September 4, 2006

For those of you that don't know, I'm trying to grow my hair out. I wore short hair for 10 years (throughout my 20s).

So part of my "new attitude" when I turned 30 was growing my hair. It was slow going for a long while and I felt the "scissor song" starting to play in my head, "cut it. cut it." So in part to combat that, I got braids in May. I wore them all summer. I must admit, that I loved them.

I was squeemish about what my hair might look like once I removed the braids. There are so many horror stories about hair loss that I was nervous. But I took hair vitamins, increased my water intake, and tried to watch what I ate. So this past Friday was d-day. I figured if there was something drastically wrong with my hair, that I'd have the entire holiday weekend to find a killer wig and have it styled for me...LOL.

I have also switched stylists. Some might think this is hair suicide at such a critical time in my hair growth. But I felt that I had to do. I love my previous stylist, but long hair (or in between hair) wasn't her forte. So after much angst, I decided to switch. And boy am I glad I did. Look at the results! My hair is thick, shiny, bouncy and full of life!!!! Thanks Maurice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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