10 Things to Do or Buy Before You Start a New Job (or With Your First Paycheck)

Saturday, January 7, 2006

I start a new job on Monday!!! Whoo hoo!!! I'm so excited....at least now I am.

I woke up this morning (Saturday) in a panic because I realize that there is stuff that I need to do and get before I begin work. So I'm sharing with you the list of 10 things I think you should do before you start work or with your first paycheck.

  1. Whiten your teeth. Do this 7-10 days before you start. Flashing a mega-watt smile to a new employer will do wonders for your confidence and melt a potential sourpuss. I live by Crest Whitening Strips. The newer formulas show results in 3 days with full results in 7.
  2. Professionally groom your brows. Get your eyebrows professionally groomed...puhleez!!! The unibrow went out with Andre the Giant. Get a proportionate and symmetrical shape will help you keep them groomed afterwards.
  3. New style or cut. Nothing says, "Look out career world, here I come!" like a new style or cut. I'm not necessarily talking about anything so drastic that your new employer requires ID before they let you in to your new office, but certainly a pick-me-up that frames your face well and is easy to maintain. The first paycheck may be a time to splurge by going to that plush salon that you've been eyeing and getting a cut by their master stylist (if you know and are pleased with his work).
  4. Manicure. Well-groomed hands are a must. Even if you cannot afford a professional manicure, make sure your nails are clean and neat. If you don't like color, swipe clear polish or buff them to a natural shine.
  5. Purchase Duplicate toiletries. I keep duplicate toiletries in a decorative box in my office. In it I have wipes, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, feminine products, deodorant, hand sanitizer, lip balm or gloss, blot papers, mini bottles of Bath & Body Works Body Splash, etc.
  6. Purchase scented plug-ins. My office has no windows and is TINY! So it has the propensity to get a stale smell. Buying plug-ins will keep your office (or cubicle) fresh. Don't forget to replace them periodically
  7. Pick out, purchase or burn CDs for work. Just about every work environment allows you to play your music. I would suggest leaving the rap, heavy metal and any music with explicit lyrics for your car or at home. My personal preferences are Jazzyfatnastees, Miles Davis, Coletrain, Bird Parker, Leela James, Amel Larrieux and pretty-much any neo-soul artist. The list is endless. If you have a private office space, you may have more latitude in your musical selection. But keep in mind unexpected (and often also unwanted) visitors.
  8. Perfect your work make-up routine. I rarely wore makeup during the week before getting this job. I usually rolled out of bed and went to class. The only time I tend to spend a lot of time on my makeup because I am going somewhere special like church or out with friends. So I spent one night getting my makeup routine down to about 5 minutes or less. My foundation is a must, but I've pared down the rest of my routine. This usually means only one shadow (if any), eyeliner is optional, but LOTS AND LOTS of mascara (2 coats) is a must (especially if no eyeliner). Oh Baby Gloss is usually my lip color of preference most days (goes with everything). But I'll experiment with other colors as time permits. I'm beginning to really like Sapalicious (by MAC also).
  9. Get a good night's sleep. Nothing refreshes you more and makes you ready to conquer the world than a good night's sleep. Also try to avoid sleeping in on the weekends (but no one said you couldn't take a mid-afternoon nap...:).
  10. Eat or drink something nutritious. I know there are some people who don't (or can't) eat breakfast. But drinking something (like juice or a smoothie) will give you some energy and nutrition in the morning. Now this is VIRGIN....spiking it doesn't count....lol! Although I know some of our jobs will drive us to drink.

I'm sure there are other things that you can and probably should do....so feel free to add comments!

Haute and Happiness!


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