Sunday, July 6, 2008

After a week of temporary insanity (blowfrying and flat ironing) I co-washed and did a protein DC. I decided to rollerset because I had not worn a rollerset in over a month. I wanted to see if my hair was any bigger (a.k.a. longer) with the latest rollerset. Check my progress...

March 2008

July, 2008

Products used:
Nexxus Humectress, Motions CPR Protein Reconstructor, Lacio Lacio, Nairobi Wrapp It Shine Foam, Setting lotion (water, Lacio Lacio, EVOO, Silk Amino Acid (SAA), Rice Bran Oil)

I use my own version of the Mohawk rolling method. I don't roll my hair up, but I did try it once. This is the easiest way for me to roll my hair. Now I will admit it takes me about 45 minutes to roll my hair...I suppose if I do it more I'll get faster. I just haven't gotten a good system down, but I digress...

I think the rollers I use are considered X-large or jumbo....I'm not sure. They are pink and about an inch or so wide. I suppose at this point I could go up a size, but I rather like the curls.

In the center section, I start with the front and roll the first roller under (to give me a bit of a bang). All of the other rollers in the center are rolled going backwards (toward my back).

On the two side sections, I usually start at the nape of my neck. My hair is rolled down perpendicular to the center section (rolled down toward ear).

I usually put a bit of aloe vera gel on my edges just to make them smooth and soft.


  • Keep hair wet with setting lotion mix
  • Thoroughly dry (whether hooded or air)....eliminates frizzies
  • In order to style, remove rollers, tilt head over and finger comb. Massage scalp and roots to blend curls. When you tilt head back upright, finger style into place.
  • I personally like it big and wild, so it doesn't have to be pristine or precise for me.


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