Guest Blog Post: Confessions of a Loc Star!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I am so excited to introduce Angela of Wise Curls. She is a beautiful sister who is embarking on her second loc journey.

I do not have locs, but in my attempt to reach my Natural Hair Loc Sisters or those who may be considering locs, I wanted to have a loc blogger share with you all. Check back every other Tuesday for a guest post from Angela at Wise Curls. And be sure to follow her blog!

Confessions of a Loc Star

 Yesterday marked 4 months since I embarked on my second loc journey (YAY!).  Surprisingly, this second time around has not been easier than the first journey. Although I understand what products work best on my locd tresses during my re-twisting sessions, I still find myself struggling with a few things. These are my confessions:
  • The urge to cut or comb out my locs has become a daily struggle since I passed my 2nd month mark. It has become increasingly tough as I see so many natural beauties on twitter and the natural hair blogs. The desire to just twirl my fingers in a chunky twist out or pat down an afro has consumed my thoughts more than I should allow.
  • I do  not re-twist my locs in the same direction at every session. There is a ton of hype over how one should re-twist locs (counter clockwise vs. clockwise). I re-twist in the direction that causes less burn to my arms. 
  • I. Am. A. Product. Junkie. Surprised? Yes, loc stars can be sufferers of product junkieism. Although I know what works best for my locs (at least I think I do), the need desire to try the next new product burns a hole in my pocket. Literally.
These are just a few of my loc confessions. What are your confessions?
Angela - WiseCurls


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