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Thursday, December 29, 2005

I'm a lotion junkie! I try and use several different lotions every day. Over the years, I've developed favorites, but I will certainly try a new product that claims to retain more moisture or offer a bronze and shimmer glow. The reason I usually use more than one lotion is that I have yet to find a lotion that offers the moisture, shimmer and fragrance that I like all in one. So I assumed when I picked up the bottle of Quench by Oil of Olay that I was just adding a new lotion to the 5-6 that are already in my basket.

Quench claims to offer 24 hours worth of moisture. As a woman of color, that usually translates into 8, maybe 12 hours, if you have great skin (and I hate you if you do--just kidding). So I was skeptical. The next morning, I squirted the lotion into my palm. The first thing I noticed was the nice fragrance it had. Not overbearing, but just a hint of fragrance. Certainly nothing that would clash with perfume. As I soothed it on, I noticed just a hint of glimmer. Just enough for an everyday light-reflecting glow. The lotion rubbed in nicely and my skin felt smooth and silky. But the real test came at the end of the day. I was expecting to feel dry skin. Imagine my pleasant surprise when my skin felt as soft as when I first put the lotion on in the morning.

I will suggest that you wash your hands afterwards to avoid getting the shimmer anywhere else.

This lotion has moved up to my starting lineup of daily beauty products. I'm sure my other lotions are feeling a little left out now that I've quenched my lotion fetish (at least temporarily) with Quench by Oil of Olay.

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Thanks to Kim for recommending this product!

Haute and Happiness!


Kimberly on January 20, 2006 at 4:38 PM said...

This is my fave lotion too! I love the scent and the shimmer is an added bonus.

The Olay Quench hand repair isn't as good as the body lotion. The smell is very medicinal. It does moisturize dry hands very well and it's not at all greasy. If they do something about the smell then I would be happy to repurchase but the scent was such a turn off that I left the tube in the ladies room at work.


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