I Heart First Lady Michelle O

Saturday, February 28, 2009

While chatting online with my BFF over at A Life of Style she told me about the latest White House Event hosted by the Obama's (that would be MY President and First Lady). Well the hairstyle she rocked last night, rocked the house!!!!!!!!

We discussed possible ways to achieve this style and one sure fire way is a set on hot rollers. Don't forget to spray hair with heat protectant. I heart this one, Silk Elements Heat Protection Spray available at Sally's....

You may want to try setting vertically on jumbo rollers and putting a hair net over while you get dressed. You should be able to finger comb and brush into the style. This style is not meant to be perfect, it's perfection is in its looking slightly tousled. Finish lightly with a shine spray or light oil sheen and you have EFFORTLESS (yeah right) STYLE!

You can also try a rollerset on larger rollers. Here is the size I recommend.

Do not use snap-on (creases). Use the anchor method (search youtube for this, Buildable Beauty's is the best tutorial I've seen). Use a light hand with products, you may just want to set with water. That way you will get the fluffiest, swangest (yes, that's a word) set. And I think this set will look better on Day 2 and freshened up with hot rollers if needed (unless you're on a no-heat diet).

This style is best done on shoulder-length (SL) or collarbone length (CBL) hair. This is going to be a PERFECT spring do after hiding your hair and covering it up all winter long. I'm going to practice it and unveil it soon...stay tuned!


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