Rollerwrap using Anchor Method

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I pretty proficient at rollersetting. A couple of rollersetting challenges will definitely help with that. However, I was never good at using clips in my hair. So I became resigned to having creases in my hair. This made doing a smooth, silky rollerwrap nearly impossible.

While on LHCF one day, there was a thread on the anchor method. Since that day was my wash day, I decided to try it. So I watched Buildable Beauty's youtube video a couple of times and embarked on a new rollersetting adventure.

And boy what an adventure it was! Since this was my first time doing it, it took nearly 25 minutes LONGER than my normal rollersetting time (which is pretty lengthy to begin with--30-40 minutes). So over an hour later I finally sat under the dryer. Well, imagine my suprprise and disappointment when after my normal hour and 15 minutes of drying time my hair still wasn't dry. So I sat under the dryer an additional 45 minutes before my hair was dry.

But I won't totally bore you with the details of my numb butt after 2 hours under the dryer. Here's my process:
  • Pre-pooed with cheapie conditioner and oil
  • Shampooed with diluted shampoo in color applicator bottle and co-washed
  • DCed with Motions CPR and oil
  • Rinsed and towel-dried
  • Applied Lacio Lacio leave-in
After I was dry, I removed rollers, sprayed with ORS Olive Oil Sheen and wrapped overnight. Here are the results...

Not exactly sure how I feel about it. It's ok for a first attempt I guess...Some of the rollers weren't as tight as I wanted...especially the anchor rollers. I guess I'm not pinning it in the right place.

Things I will do differently next time...

  • Just water setting lotion
  • Steam treatment (using Sam Jones homemade method)
  • Smaller rollers for more curl
  • Not so much oil sheen (i like the shine at first, but it weight it down a bit)

I actually look forward to trying this again soon. It's Day 2 and it still looks really good!


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