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Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter Monday!

I hope everyone had a great week and weekend! I did!

Last week was a bit of a busy week.

About 3 years ago I was part of the Chancellor's Leadership Academy. It is a hand selected group of people from across campus who learn leadership skills and strategies from notable people in leadership at the University and community at large. I have to say that being apart of this group has afforded me opportunities to interact with those in Executive Administration as well as interact with others across campus. I've served on panels for subsequent academy groups since then (in fact, I'm serving on one tomorrow).

Last week they held a luncheon at the Chancellor's residence on Women in Leadership. Two notable local women leaders, Valeria Lee and Janice Faulkner were the speakers.

Janice Faulkner (seated on the right in the picture above) is a NC staple. She has done everything from teaching to running the DMV. Governors see her as a valuable asset and leader. She has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that supersedes her 80+ year age.

Valeria Lee (seated on the left in the picture above) was the first president of the Golden Leaf Foundation. The Golden Leaf Foundation's mission is to promote the social welfare of North Carolina's citizens and to receive and distribute funds for economic impact assistance to economically affected or tobacco-dependent regions of North Carolina.

Both of them talked about farm life and how it impacted their desire for education and pursuing leadership. It was a lighthearted, fun engaging talk with them.

I walked Mrs. Lee back to her car and we were chatting like auntie and niece. Somehow we mentioned sororities and when I told her which sorority I was a member of she said, "Guuurrrllll! I knew I liked you for a reason!" It was a special moment :) I love making sorority connections like that in the most random places!

Last week was also Passion Week, where Christians celebrate the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. At church, we held the "Seven Last Words" were leaders in the church expounded on the 7 last words (actually phrases) that Jesus spoke while on the cross.

It was an AWESOME time! It made me so hype to celebrate the resurrection of my Savior on Sunday! To know that someone who did not do anything wrong took my punishment is a truly humbling thought! But I'm glad He came that I might live!

Saturday, my sorority held their 2nd Red & White Gala. I did not want to purchase anything knew for this event, so I "made up" an outfit. My digi cam was tripping, so I apologize in advance for the poor quality of these pics...

The inspiration for my outfit was this Sharon Stone Oscar outfit from back in the 90s.

Here is my interpretation...

 My "front" Catrice
 One of my BFF's Erma

For outfit specifics, you can check my video out below.

I wobbled, slid and shuffled the night away. I even managed to sneak in a cabbage patch (don't ask LOL). Overall, I had a pretty good time!

But let me tell you, I was so hype over Easter Sunday! I was so ready to give thanks and celebrate the one who makes this crazy thing I have called Life possible!

Thankfully, I belong to a church that is somewhat laid back and casual when it comes to its dress code. I don't have to wear "cut glass" suits or "bunded knit" (translation: St. John's suits)...LOL. My friends and I give nicknames to just about everything.

It's weird, because I think I may have done a regression. I used to wear suits and all this fancy stuff to church. But since I've gotten older, I have stopped wearing all that for the most part. I am a skirt and dress church girl...

But even at Easter, I like to ramp it up a bit. My mom bought this suit for me at Stein Mart and I love it! The thing that makes this suit haute is the detailing. The inverted pleats and stitching of the jacket fits right in with my personality. 

And now it's back to this work week grind. Luckily my "Friday" is Wednesday! I am heading to Atlanta for the World Natural Hair Show. I'm soooooooooooooooo excited! Another post about that later.

I am keeping a co-worker waiting so I can finish this post, so I better get going!


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