Slaves to Curl Definition?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

As I was blog surfing this morning (I am soooooooooo behind on reading blogs), I saw this post by Natural Belle: Slaves to Curl Definition? And I started thinking...yeah, sometimes I am. I, and many other naturals, talk about our curls "poppin" or achieving "maximum curl definition." There are so many YouTube videos on the subject. And I don't really know a natural around that isn't on the search for their "holy grail" product that will help them achieve maximum curl definition.


This summer, I have struggled (internally) with the humidity undoing my style that I usually worked hard to achieve literally on the walk from my car to my office building. And as a result, I've resorted to wearing protective styles or wearing my hair up most of the summer (plus someone set the heat on HELL in NC LOL). But as I read this post, I said to myself (and myself said, "huh?"), "FULLY embrace your natural hair. Even the frizzy, undefined, humidified (made that up) hair that you encounter this summer."

Right now I'm in a sew-in (because I was tired of the humidity), but I think I'm about to take this joint out and just rock my hair in all it's undefined glory! This is was probably one of my better hair days this summer, but I thought it was great big ol' pile of nothing LOL

Thanks to Natural Belle...I'm going back to this 'do sooner, rather than later!

What say you? Do you feel you have become overly concerned with achieving curl definition? Did Natural Belle's blogpost change your way of thinking at all?


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