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Thanks to my Nikko's cousins over at LHCF and Dominique at All Things O'Natural for this pretty exhaustive list of SULFATE FREE shampoos. Hope this helps!


Product is natural, ie. made with whole ingredients, extracts, or is a castile-type soap.

Product has one or more mild cleansers.

Product has non-sulfate cleanser that may be drying.

*No online list of exact ingredients.
# Paraben free.
! Contains silicone.

ABBA True Curls and True Shine #
~NaturallyCurly.comGoddessWithin; health food stores.

African Black Soap #
~NasabbAgbanga Karite.

Alba Botanica
~Life's; health food stores.

Alchemy #
~Adore Beauty (Australia); The Exton (Australia), Purist USA (USA); A'kin (UK).

Aleppo Soap #

Alpenglow Shampoo Bars #
~Alpenglow Skin Care.

~Salons; web beauty suppliers.

Angel Baby Shampoo and Body Wash #
~Kate's Caring GiftsEarth Mama Angel Baby.

Aubrey Organics #
~Vitamin ShoppeVitaminLife, health food stores; There Must Be a Better Way (UK); Organics Australia Online (Australia).

Auromere Ayurvedic #!
~Auromere; Life's Vigor; Organics Australia Online (Australia).

Avalon Organic Botanicals # (not all formulas paraben free)
~Life's Vigor; health food stores; Organics Australia Online (Australia).

Azida Hemp Oil Shampoo #

Back to Basics Blue Lavender Color Protecting Shampoo*
~Beauty Dealssalon stores; Ulta.
~Partial ingredient list in post #104 of this thread.

Beauty Without Cruelty (non-olefin AND olefin sulfonate formulas)
~Kokopelli's Green Market, Life's Vigor; health food stores.

Blended Beauty Soy Cream Shampoo and Curl Cleansing Conditioner #
~NaturallyCurly CurlMart.

Brocato Cloud 9*
~Monster Hair; other beauty suppliers.

Burt's Bees Baby Bee and Rosemary Mint Bars #
~Balm Works; health food stores.

Burt's Bees Herbal Treatment and Grapefruit & Sugar Beet Shampoos #, Balm Works, Walgreens & CVS; health food stores.

California Baby, Life's Vigor; health food stores.

Carina Organics - Canada #
~Carina Organics.

Carol's Daughter #
~Carol's Daughter.

Chagrin Valley Bars # (my favorite)
~Chagrin Valley Soap and Craft.

Chemistry Store Organic Castile Liquid Soap #
~The Chemistry Store.

Cheryl's Herbs #
~Cheryl's Herbs.

Cornrows & Company Coconut Shampoo and Herbal Deep Cleanse #
~Cornrows & Co.

Creme of Nature
~Walgreens; Walmart.

~All Natural Cosmetics.

Desert Essence Daily Replenishing
~House of Nutrition Online, Life's Vigor,; health food stores.

DevaCurl Low-Poo ! and No-Poo
~NaturallyCurly CurlMart.

DGJ Hair Clinic Hair Juice- UK (Not all formulas are sulfate-free)
~Waitrose stores.

Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Soaps#; health food stores.

Dr. Hauschka #
~Essential Day SpaSkin 1; health food stores.

Dr. Woods # (Castile and no-sulfate formulas).
~Dr. WoodsMy VitaNet.
~Ingredients in post #124 of this thread.

Druide Baby Shampoo #
~Kate's Caring Gifts.

Druide Ecological and Organic #
~Kate's Caring Gifts.

Duchy Originals - UK #
~Duchy Originals; UK supermarkets.
~Ingredients in post #125 of this thread.

Dudu-Osum Herbal Shampoo #
~Africa Imports.

Earthly Delight #
~Willner Chemists; Whole Foods.
~Ingredients in post #53 of this thread.

Ebene #
~Ebene Naturals.

Ecco Bella Botanicals
~Life's Vigor, Kokopelli's Green Market; health food stores.

Eco Store - New Zealand #
~Eco Store; Organics Australia Online.

Elucence Moisture Acidifying Shampoo
~NaturallyCurly CurlMart.

Emma Organics Organic Shampoo - Australia #
~Organics Australia Online.

~Salons; web beauty suppliers.

Evan's Garden #
~Evan's Garden.

Ferlow Botanicals - Canada #
~Ferlow Botanicals.

Florestas Organic Botanical #

Freeman Pure Color Fresh Shine Shampoo #; Rite Aid Drugstores.

Gary Null's Heavenly Hair Cleanser #
~Gary Null, Vitamin Shoppe; health food stores.

Ginesis Shampoo #

Giovanni #
~Mountain Rose Herbs, Life's Vigor; health food stores; Organics Australia Online (Australia).

Gourmet Bars and Liquid Black Soap #
~Mia Simone's Boutique.

Graham Webb Daily Strength Strengthening Shampoo
~1st Chair Salon; Ulta.

Green People - UK #

Halo Shampoo #
~Anna Bellina Organic Skin Care.

Hamadi Hair Washes #
~Sephora, NaturallyCurly CurlMart.

Haven Scent - Australia #

Heartland Natural™ Mint #
~Heartland Products.

Heart of Iowa Soapworks Shampoo Bars #
~Heart of Iowa SoapworksPrairieland Herbs.

Herbal Choice #

Herbon - Australia #
~Eco Shop; Organics Australia Online.

Hope's Shampoo- Australia
~Planet Blue; Organics Australia Online.

I Dream Body Wash and Shampoo #
~Kate's Caring Gifts.

J/A/S/O/N (Not all formulas are sulfate-free) #!
~Life's Vigor, Willner Chemists; health food stores.

Jessicurl Cleansers #
~Jessicurl; some stores, mostly in CA.

J. R. Liggett's Old Fashioned Bar Shampoo #
~Life's Vigor; health food stores.

Kenya jordana #

Kettle Care #
~Natural Solutions - Holistic Beauty Body & BathRefreshingly Free (both offer samples).

Keyano Aromatics*
~Salons; web beauty suppliers.

Kiss My Face
~Life's Vigor, Kokopelli's Green Market; health food stores.

Koils by Nature shampoos and conditioners

Kosmea - Australia #
~The Exton; Organics Australia Online.

Lamas Botanicals (non-olefin AND olefin sulfonate formulas) #! (one formula has 'cones)

L'ANZA Anti Aging White Tea Shampoo*
~Oasis PlaceUK Hairdressers (UK).

LaVida Given By Nature Conditioner and Shampoo Bars

Le Savon Populaire Bars - Canada #
~Savon Populaire; stores listed on the website.
~Ingredients in post #84 of this thread.

Living Ecology Royal Organics #
~Living Ecology.
~Ingredients in post #140 of this thread.

Living Nature #
~Natural Solutions - Holistic Beauty Body & Bath; There Must Be a Better Way (UK).

Logona (not all formulas are sulfate-free) #
~Internatural; Natural Solutions - Holistic Beauty Body & Bath.

Logona LavaErde Rhassoul Powder and Pre-Mixed Cleansers #
~Internatural, Natural Solutions - Holistic Beauty Body & Bath, Logona UK; There Must Be A Better Way (UK)

Long Lovely Locks Cleansers #
~LongLovelyLocks (Fragrance-free available on request).
~Ingredients in post #7 of this thread.

Mastey #
~Mastey; beauty supply stores.

Max Green Alchemy Scalp Rescue #
~Max Green Alchemy, Whole Foods; other health food stores.

Melrose - Australia #
~MelroseThe Cruelty Free Shop; Organics Australia Online.

Melvita - France #
~Beauté; Bio shops.

Miessence #
~All Natural Cosmetics (USA), There Must Be a Better Way (UK); Organics Australia Online (Australia).

MOP Modern Organic Products C-System
~GoddessWithin; Salon Collective (UK).

Morrocco Method #
~Morrocco Method, Natural Solutions - Holistic Beauty Body & Bath; some health food stores.

MyHoneyChild Cleansers #

MyUtopia - Australia #
~The Cruelty Free Shop.

Naani # (Castile formulas paraben free) (Castile AND no-sulfate versions of each shampoo)

Natural Shop #
~The Natural Shop.

Nature Clean - Canada & US #

Nature's Baby #
~VitaNetonline; Internatural.

~n-fruizon; Ulta.

NuHair Volume Maximizing Shampoo #

Onesta #
~Onesta Hair Care.

Organic Children Organic Formula - UK #
~Organic Children; UK supermarkets.
~Ingredients in post #86 of this thread.

Organic Excellence #
~OutletNutritionMyVitaNet; Natural Solutions - Holistic Beauty Body & Bath.

Organic Selections - Australia #
~Herbal Serenity; Organics Australia Online.

Organikah #

Organix #!
~Store list.
~Ingredients for the Coconut Milk Shampoo in post #217 of this thread.

Paul Penders #
~VeganEssentials, Life's Vigor; health food stores(?).

PAVES Professional #!
~HairBoutique; Walgreens & Eckerd drugstores.

Prairie Naturals - Canada #; health food stores.
~Ingredients in post #69 of this thread.

~Salons; web beauty suppliers.

Pure & Basic

Pure 'Nuff Stuff - UK #
~There Must Be a Better Way.

Pureology !

Qhemet Biologics Egyptian Wheatgrass Cleansing Tea #
~Qhemet Biologics.
~Ingredients in post #195 of this thread.

Queen Helene Mint Julep Shampoo With Protein #
~Cosmetic Solutions; Sally Beauty Supply stores.
~Ingredients in post #152 of this thread.

Rainbow Research Organic Herbal, Henna, and Baby ! Shampoos
~Henna by Cynthia(henna shampoo gallons); Life's Vigor.

Real Purity #
~Natural Solutions - Holistic Beauty Body & Bath; Refreshingly Free.

~REN Skincare.

Savonnerie Gluten Free #

Sensibility Hijiki Seaweed/Soymilk #
~Sensibility Soaps.

Shaman Earthly Organics #!
~Life's Vigor; Fresh & Wild (UK)

SheaMoisture Shampoos and Conditioners; (both available in store)

ShiKai #! (some formulas)
~Life's Vigor; Kokopelli's Green Market.

Soapnut Washing Powder - UK #

Stephen est. 1985 Healthy Hair Cleansers #
~FashionplanetHampton Court.

Sukesha All-Nutrient*
~All-Nutrient; Spiral Haircase.

Terressentials Pure Earth Hair Wash #
~Terressentials; some health food stores.

Trader Joe's Pure Castile #
~Trader Joe's Stores.
~Ingredients in post #100 of this thread.

Ultra Botanicals, MSM #

Uncle Harry's #
~Uncle Harry's.

Un Jour En Provence #

Urtekram Pure Balance Shampoos - EU #
~Auravita (UK), Mariposa (UK), Swedish health food stores; Danish stores.
~Ingredients for the Wild Rose Shampoo in post #193 of this thread.

Warm Spirit #
~Warm Spirit.

Young Living AromaSilk #
~Young Living Essential Oils.

Your Crown and Glory #
~Your Crown and Glory.

credit: info found at long hair care forum


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