31 Day Reset Day 2: Honestly Speaking...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Today's activity was to take an honest assessment of 7 areas of our lives: Lifestyle, Work, Education, Finances, Health, Family, and Relationships. To be honest, I would be on time with this 31 day reset if I did not subconsciously not want to complete this exercise.

I know there are areas in my life that I am not happy with. But to actually fully acknowledge it by putting it in print was not something I really wanted to do. But as Dr. Phil says, you can't change what you don't acknowledge. So I did the exercise.

I wish I had the inner strength and be totally transparent and share with you the totality of these exercises with you, but I just don't. But here's a brief synopsis...

I am college-educated woman who has a good, relatively close relationship with her family. I have a job that has flexible hours and offers me the opportunity to experience new things. Unfortunately, the pay is not the greatest and I do not feel I have the financial freedom I would like to have, especially at this stage in my life. I would like to further my education, but I need to figure out internally why I will not take the step to apply to graduate school. I need to learn to live beneath my means and reduce debt so I can have the freedom I crave. Money isn't everything, but it does create opportunities. I am in relatively good health, although I could stand to lose about 10-20 lbs. I feel like I still have a few things I could work on in therapy, but I haven't been able to find a good therapist fit since my last therapist. I stay busy doing things that I am sure are good, but a lot of times they are not what I really want to be doing.

That's the state of my life in a nutshell. A lot of the discontent in my life is of my own making and thus my own changing. I actually have begun to take baby steps in that regard and that is providing some peace and contentment that has been a bit elusive for a while.

I will tell you, it's only Day 2 and this reset has already caused me to really look internally. The next 29 days should be interesting...I am excitedly anxious for the rest of this journey.


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