The Be-Attitudes of the Summer Style Series

Monday, March 8, 2010

In order to gain the most out of the Summer Style Series, there are some "Be-Attitudes" you should consider....

BE Open: Use this time to explore new ways of doing things and new ideas. It is important for your personal development and growth to have new experiences and to learn new things. While this series may seem to focus on outward beauty, the ultimate goal is to celebrate your inner beauty and enhance your outer beauty.

BE Yourself: This is definitely a time to become more comfortable in your own skin (and hopefully you will have a natural glow when we’re done). Determine your personal style and your signature self. Allow this time of growth & rejuvenation to put you closer with your authentic self. You will be glad you did…and so will those around you!

BE Reasonable: You may not see instant results as you institute the techniques and habits we discuss. But remember, “slow and steady wins the race.” Generally you can see visible result in 2-4 weeks (sometimes longer). So don’t give up!

BE Daring: Try new things! It’s as simple as that… :)

BE Safe: I’m NOT a medical or beauty professional. The techniques & products I discuss are ones that are part of my personal beauty & health regimen. When appropriate you should consult your doctor before starting exercise, vitamin or other health related regimens.

If you adopt these, you will have an INCREDIBLE, beautiful summer!

Stay beautiful!


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