My Mini Twists Take #2

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Something about a long holiday weekend makes me want to try really laborious hairstyles. July 4 was the first time I tried mini twists.
I didn't really care for them the first go 'round. I did them on wet hair and they shrunk something terrible! I sorta knew this would happen, but geesh! You can see the video here.

Fast forward to Labor Day weekend...

I decided to try mini twists again. After watching more YT videos, most people did mini twists on dry, stretched or blow dried hair.

I wore a blow out fro Labor Day weekend

With the blow out fro, I thought it was the perfect time to try the mini twists again, this time on blown out hair. I mixed my fave RA cosmetics shea butter with the Olive Oil EcoStyler Gel (cuts out a step by mixing the two together) and twisted the night away....LITERALLY!

I was much more pleased with the results this time. So the next time I do these I will definitely do it this way.

I also had more styling options this time...

Here are some tips...
  • Fluff up your twists in the shower. The steam will cause them to "swell" and spring them back to life after sleeping on them.
  • If your hair isn't very long, but you are seeking styling options, search YouTube for "short dreadlock styles." These will gave you some ideas on how to pin up and style your twists. Variety (of hairstyles) is the spice of life!
  • I made the ones framing my face much smaller and did them first (when I was alert and fresh LOL). The ones in my crown area may be a little bigger (I did those last and was tired :)). The smaller they are the better around the face because they looked fuller and gave me more styling options.
  • To get volume on top, take a section of the crown and flip it over the opposite direction from the direction you'd normally wear it and pin down overnight. In the morning unpin and flip it back over and you will have volume!
I talk about the 2nd installment of my mini twists here.


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