Raven-Symone: Role Model for Younger Women

Monday, September 27, 2010

I honestly cannot recall a time that I haven't seen Raven-Symone appropriately dressed (translation: not showing a whole lot of T & A). Granted I may not have liked all of her outfit choices, but I've never said once about Raven "her mama let her go out with that on?!?!?!"

In the picture above, she is sexy and classy. Shows a little skin, but leaves a lot to the imagination. She also has on the proper foundation garments. Raven is a bit busty (I can relate), but she wears things that appropriately flatter her figure.

Raven may not hit the fashion mark all the time, but more times than not she is appropriate and classy...if you have a little sister, teenager or teen girl you mentor....I suggest you use Raven as a style icon and influence for the teen girl in your life.


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