12 Spiritual Lessons for the New Year

Monday, January 3, 2011

I've been trying to think of something happy, profound and motivational to say regarding the start of the New Year. But frankly, it's been a bit of a struggle. 2010 was a serious challenge and I for one am glad to see it gone.

In 2010, I lost several people that were crucial in my personal development--all very suddenly. I felt like I still had so much to learn from each of them. I honestly have not experienced so much personal loss in my 35 years on this planet.

First my Aunt, Sadie King in May.

Then my godmother, Mavis G. Williams in early December.
Auntie was my "special"

Then my bff's grandmother, Erma S. Carr, 2 days before Christmas
She was 91 years young in this pic and when she passed away

So I will be lying if I said that I'm not entering 2011 with some trepidation...

As I was blog reading this morning, I ran across the article below from Clutch Magazine. It made me smile and eased some of the anxiety I've had about 2011.

Rev. James Martin, S.J., a Jesuit priest and author of “The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything” tweeted on his 50th birthday 12 things he wish he had known when he was 25 that would have made his life a whole lot easier. He cites the sources for his tips as advice from wise figures in his life and insights from other spiritual leaders. Check out what he reflected on to recognize how these small spiritual tips can have a mega impact on your self and personal outlook on life in the new year.
  1. First up: Stop worrying so much! It’s useless. (I.e. Jesus was right.)
  2. Being a saint means being yourself. Stop trying to be someone else and just be your best self. Saves you heartache.
  3. There’s no right way to pray, any more than there’s a right way to be a friend. What’s “best” is what works best for you.
  4. Remember three things and save yourself lots of unneeded heartache: You’re not God. This ain’t heaven. Don’t act like a jerk.
  5. Your deepest, most heartfelt desires are God’s desires for you. And vice versa. Listen. And follow them.
  6. Within you is the idea of your best self. Act as if you were that person and you will become that person, with God’s grace.
  7. Don’t worry too much about the worst that can happen. Even if it happens, God is with you, and you can handle it. Really.
  8. You can’t force people to approve of you, agree with you, be impressed with you, love you or even like you. Stop trying.
  9. When we compare, we are usually imagining someone else’s life falsely. So our real-life loses out. I.e. Compare and despair.
  10. Even when you finally realized the right thing, or the Christian thing, to do, it can still be hard to do. Do it anyway.
  11. Seven things to say frequently: I love you. Thank you. Thank you, God. Forgive me. I’m so happy for you! Why not? Yes.
  12. Peace and joy come after asking God to free you — from anything that keeps you from being loving and compassionate.
The one thing I can honestly promise you (and first myself) is that this year, I'm "living la vida loca" and "living my life like it's golden" and any other song lyrics like that. Each of the three women I've lost in 2010 were fearless and risk takers in their own way. And it's incumbent upon me (and I'm passing that challenge on to you my blog readers) to live our best life now!

Remember, tomorrow is not promised...so what are WE waiting for?!?!?!


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