Going Back to My Roots: Baggying!

Friday, January 7, 2011

When I first started my healthy hair journey in December, 2007, one of the first things I embraced was "baggying." Essentially it is a technique to keep the ends of your hair moisturized throughout the day while you either wear a bun or a phony pony.

Since the ends of your hair are the "oldest" parts of your hair, it is fragile and prone to damage and breakage. The potential damage and breakage is increased if the ends of your hair are dry. That's why anyone worth their weight on YouTube and blogosphere states that moisturizing and caring for ends is a major part of any hair care regimen.

It seems over the years, that many have abandoned this method of keeping ends moisturized. I will say it's not for everyone and you have to continue to pay close attention to how your hair responds to all-day moisture. But for me, it was a key part to my length retention while relaxed.

Since being natural, I haven't baggied as much as I used to. But now that it's winter, I am going to go back to this process since it worked well for me while relaxed.

I decided to wear a phony pony this morning, so it is a perfect opportunity to baggy!

For more information and pictorial guide to baggying, click here!


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