30 for 30 Fashion Remix Challenge: Going on a Fashion Safari: Day 3 Outfit

Thursday, January 12, 2012

In this outfit, I feel like I should be going through the fashion jungle on a safari...

Peeking through clothes...

 looking for my next fashion trophy :)

Have I mentioned to you that I'm slightly obsessed with animal print? The scarf is a recent purchase and I love it. There is so much fabric to play with and it drapes well!

Don't really remember anything particularly thrilling that happened the day I wore this...some days it "be's" like that.

I'm still working on this whole "arm candy" thing. My major impediment is the ability to NOT be able to wear regular bangles. They don't fit over my hand. I bet you're thinking, "Dang! Does she have hands like The Hulk or something?"
Something about the shape of my hand near my thumb makes it so super difficult to get bangles and bracelets over them. I have had to resort at times to wear bangles from a plus-sized store or department. So I mostly wear stretch bracelets, cuffs or something with a hinge.
Jacket: Target
Scarf: Charlotte Russe
Pants: ???


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