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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Since purchasing my iPhone I have been more inclined to take pictures. For your viewing pleasure, here are some that I've taken over the past two weeks.

I love this fascinator I saw at a local shop...

This is my mom's mantle. She collects angels. I love how she displays them!

Have I shown you pictures of my godson, RJ?!?!? He is almost 15 months. This was from Thanksgiving Day. He is fascinated with phones. He has managed to find a button on our phone that "speaks" when he presses it. Therefore he pressed it about a million times in 20 minutes :) Gotta love that kid though...

I think I would be offended if someone bought me a Crest gift set for Christmas if I didn't ask for it LOL...What you trying to say?!?!?!!?

Picture of a YouTube subbie and I at a natural hair show in my town of Greenville, NC While I was walking around, a lady said, someone just showed me your picture as a style they wanted! And it was her...I LOVE meeting subbies :)

This is Tracy Gatlin. She won a hair steamer compliments of Huetiful, who was a sponsor at my last meetup on December 3. I don't even have one of these... *le sigh*

My mom preached at a church not too long ago and I was struck by the nails on this woman. I was sitting in back (as I do when we visit churches--I have to people watch LOL) and I literally thought why does she have a bunch of pencils in her hand?!?!?! WRONG...those are her fingernails. And that's all I'm going to say on that...

Speaking of my December 3 meetup, Tonya Foreman, the owner of the space we use, Mocha's Dance Studio, teaches us line dances! How AWESOME is that. Not sure what the name of this one is, but we've done The Wobble the last two meetups :)

We have a place in Greenville called New River Pottery. During Christmas, it has the most unique, gorgeous trees. This is one of my favorite trees...with peacock feathers. If I had an extra $500-1,000 my tree would look like this!

On Friday, December 9 I attended the Capital City Lawyer's Association Christmas Ball. My cousin, Day, is the outgoing President of the association. The highlight of the evening? Doing The Wobble! The dudes in the Raleigh Durham area are so extra, I no longer like attending events in that area. Most of them won't even speak...but that's another post for another day LOL

I leave you with this picture. This is probably my favorite picture as of late. Saw this at the register at New River Pottery. I showed my mom and we laughed for a good ten minutes...


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