Moisturize Your Hair with E.A.S.E.: 4 Easy Steps

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Whether you are relaxed or natural, we all have challenges keeping our hair properly moisutrized. This challenge is magnified during the colder months when there is little to no moisture in the air to aid in moisture retention. Yet it is ever more imperative to keep proper moisture balance in the colder, drier months.

It would seem easy to moisturize our hair, right? After all, most of us remember sitting between our mother's, auntie's or grammy's legs getting our hair "greased" on Saturday evening? :)

When we began our HHJ (healthy haircare journey), we were told this was NOT good for our hair. However, we were told to still moisturize our hair. And ever since, the moisture balance has been a cat and mouse game.

Hopefully the following 4 easy steps will help add some "method" to the madness of keeping hair properly moisturized. Believe me, you can do it with E.A.S.E.!

The first step in moisturizing hair properly is to apply your moisturizer to your hair's edges. You do this by applying some moisture mix or oil to your fingertips and apply to your edges all the way around your hairline. Do not rub in circular motions, but from your forehead going back to your crown area. This will also help smooth your edges.

All Over
Next take a quarter-sized amount (at least) and apply it all over your hair. This will help to make hair more pliable for the next step. If your hair is longer and thicker or finer, you may have to adjust the amount based on what your hair is able to withstand.


Part hair in 4 sections: ear to ear and front to back. Take at least a  quarter-sized amount of your moisturizer and apply it to each section. You will have to determine exactly how much moisturizer your hair needs in order to maintain proper moisture balance without being greasy or heavy.


Sealing the moisture in the ends is extremely important to maintaining proper moisture balance. The ends are the oldest part of your hair strand. It's drier than the rest of the strand. Excessive dry ends can lead to split ends and breakage. We often do not pay enough attention to our ends. But in order to really obtain the full benefits of properly moisturizing your hair, it is imperative to apply some sealant oil to the ends of your hair. It is easy to do this since your hair is already in sections from the previous step. Among the most popular oils to seal your ends with are EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil), coconut oil and castor oil.

Now that you know how to moisturize your hair with E.A.S.E., your hair will thank you by retaining length even during these cold, dry months ahead.


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