A New Year, A New You: Ashley Transitions in 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Name: Ashley C       

Twitter: Ashcren

What influenced your decision to go natural?

It took me a while to actually go through with it.  I had toyed with the idea for a while. I was tired of, my hair being so simple. I wanted to be able to express myself through my hair.  I have a big, fun personality and my hair should be represent that.  After going to a natural hair show with some friends, I realized I had to do it.  No matter what people there had done to their hair, everyone’s was different! (and I loved that!). After deciding to do it I realized how much healthier it is and I am more aware of the qualities of this stuff God gave me.

As it has started to grow I really love the way it feels.  It is so soft and textured and feels so much better than my relaxed hair. I love it!  I would always say, “let me just grow it out and see what happens.” Now that I have felt the softness, it drives me to continue.

Have you set a date for your Big Chop?
If so, what is that date? 
I said I was going to transition for a year and then BC, so that would make January the magic month.

What hairstyles are you wearing during your transition? 

In the beginning I would cornrow my hair or flat twist it and take it a loose.  I have tried Curly Nikki’s twist and curl, I have done rods and bantu knots as well.  In July I had to be in a wedding so I got a sew in.  I kept the sew in for about 3 months (best idea ever!!).  Since I took the sew in out I had to get used to the growth and I wasn’t ready to BC, so I got a Lace front wig, and wore that for about a month.  I am now rocking my favorite style, my bantu knots. 


Are you having any current challenges transitioning? If so, what are they? 

My only problem is finding products that work best with my hair.  There are so many options out there.  Learning which products work best, and are the most healthy was probably the hardest part.

This kind of answers the next question…

(What do you feel will be the greatest adjustment once you go natural?)  
I also don’t like that my styles don’t always last as long as I want them too.  But I guess that can be a good thing, it forces me to wash it and try something else.

I like to try different things.  It helped me learn to have a relationship with my hair.  That has made my transition very easy.  I am not afraid to try something…and if I don’t like it I’ll slap the lace front bob on it and go on as usual. You can’t be afraid.  You’ve got to be all in!
When those roots start coming in and you got relaxed ends, it can be frustrating.  It’s harder to comb through, some styles that once looked good, don’t look good anymore, and you may find yourself wanting to give up!  It is then that you just have to adjust as you will when its fully natural.  I think we all used relaxers as a convenient cop out.  Let’s get back to the way things should be and appreciate it.  Don’t give up!

Who are 3-5 of your favorite Natural Hair YouTubers and/or bloggers? Curly Nikki, Afroniquely You, Afrobella, Felicia Leatherwood- Loving Your Hair With Natural Care (Youtube and facebook), Natural Hair Rules, and Trendy Socialite (of course!)

There is so much good stuff out there, I don’t limit myself to these, but I these are the ones I most frequent.

Who are a few of your favorite YouTubers or bloggers (any topic)? 
My friend Krystle has a fashion blog Mirrorcheck.com (check it out!!)

Who are some of your natural hair inspirations (YouTubers, celebs, ordinary people, etc.)? 
My friends are my inspirations.  We have hair parties and try different things on each other’s hair.  I enjoy making the journey with them and it’s nice to have a support system. I know my hair may never look like any of theirs or any celebrity’s but that’s what I feel is the beauty of it… we can all be unique!


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