Not Really a 30 for 30, But Here We Go!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

This outfit is out of the norm for me...but I saw something like this on Bella Remixed

The shorts I wore were too short in my opinion.

Earlier in the day I wore them with black tights like Bella, but for these pictures I put them with my animal print tights.

I think I look like an Alpha...LOL
Cowl Neck Sweater: K&G
Shirt: Marshall's
Shorts: JCPenney's
Tights: don't remember
Shoes: SRI Shoe Warehouse
I think I would like the outfit better if the shorts were a few inches longer, not bermuda length, but long enough so my mom wouldn't give me the once over every time I walked by her LOL
Flower pin: Diva Petals
Ring: vendor at Holiday Show
The ring above I purchased at the Holiday Show. I know I'm not supposed to purchase anything during this challenge, but it's not clothes, it was an accessory...don't judge me. LOL

The holiday show was just ok this year in my opinion. A lot of the same type of vendors. I was going to scream if I saw one more gi-normous tulle wreath ;). But I realize the Holiday Show may be my excuse to taste a whole lot of wine for free LOL...probably going to lose a jewel in my crown for that admission.


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