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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Great tip from my blogger BFF, at A Life of Style
A Life of Style: Personal Cards

A few weeks ago my friend met a guy while she was in Barnes & Noble. They had a really nice chat and when it came time to exchange phone numbers, she ripped a half sheet of paper from her notebook to write her name and number on. She was excited to get to know him better and was sure he would call within a day or two.

Well he didn't make the first call, she had to call him. He informed her that he was glad she called because he misplaced the paper her number was written on. I told her if she had some cute personal cards like yours truly...he probably wouldn't have lost her number.

Do you know how much random paper you can collect in a day???? Do yourself a favor and make some eye catching personal cards. I only use my business cards for professional events. I never feel comfortable giving a potential suitor my work information right in the beginning.
This is where a personal card comes in handy.

I just have mine printed with my first name, mobile number, and email address. If the guy turns out to be a dud or worse (a stalker), I can easily block his email address and phone number.

**The sample shown was created at VistaPrint.


Kim {The Stylish Life} on September 9, 2008 at 12:32 PM said...

Thanks for the feature on your blog =)

Trendy Socialite said...

You are most welcome!!!!!!!

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