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Monday, September 15, 2008

I can't believe I haven't commented on this yet...I'm slipping! LOL

Michelle Obama's hair during her speech at the DNC was FIERCE!!! I mean the slightest turn of her head and I swear I heard, "SWOOSH, SWOOSH, SWOOSH!" Healthy, shiny, body, life, movement, etc. can all be words to accurately describe her hair.

I of course am huge fan of per personally, stylistically and hair-ily (yeah, I just made up that word...LOL).

But when I found out she was natural, I nearly lost it (The article link is below)!!! So of course I had to try it on my relaxed tresses to see if the process actually worked.

Ladies, let me tell you...it worked for me!!! And at the time I did it I was 5 weeks post.

Here's what I did:

Co-washed with Motions CPR Protein Conditioner and Alberto VO5 Volume Conditioner

Steam Treatment with Motions CPR Protein Condition

Dime-size of Lacio Lacio and Chi Silk Reconstructor (adjust based on hair length--a very small amount)

I'm going to give you two ways to do the rest of the styling process: a High-Heat Method and a Low-Heat Method

High Heat

  • Hood Dry for 10 minutes
  • Section hair in 4 parts (front to back and ear to ear)
  • Blow dry on low with paddle brush and regular ol' dryer
  • Keep hair sectioned or resection
  • Flat iron in approximately 1" x 1/2" sections (in other words, not too big). I usually start from the back and work forwards
  • Use 1" or larger curling iron to curl hair all over (adjust size of iron by hair length especially the crown for heighth and body)
  • Wrap hair
  • Cover hair in saran wrap
  • Hair dryer for 5-10 minutes ( I recommend 5 so that the curls are still there)
  • Comb down and style as usual

Low Heat

  • Section Hair in mo-hawk style for rollersetting
  • Roll hair using setting lotion (I will post what's in my setting lotion bottle momentarily) and the "roll, roll, pull" method (to ensure maximum stretch of any new growth). I'd suggest using the largest roller that your hair will allow(based on its length), especially in the crown. I think I could use this size. Look on You-tube for Rollersetting Tutorials, or better yet, purchase Machiere's!!!!!
  • Air or hood dry
  • Remove rollers
  • Wrap Hair
  • Cover in plastic wrap
  • Hair dryer for 5-10 minutes ( I recommend 5 so that the curls are still there)
  • Comb down and style as usual

I used the High-Heat Method (a major no-no for me since I'm growing it out) and here's how it came out...

You can read the article on Michelle's hair here:


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