A Change is Gonna Come: Going Back to Natural Nails

Friday, November 5, 2010

Call me quirky, but I flip back and forth when it comes to my nails. This fluctuation is seasonal. In the spring and summer, I prefer longer french manicured nails. In the winter, I prefer shorter, darker nails.

After having lunch with a friend recently she commented that I'd gone back to wearing artifical nails. I kinda laughed it off, but it made me think. And I just happened to surf my own blog one day LOL and saw these...


But my nails looked so bad and I didn't have any decent polishes at home, I broke down and had my nails done yesterday. But I've pretty much made the decision to go back to my natural nails at least for the fall and winter. I will force myself to go get manis as often as possible (hopefully weekly) and polish changes in between if necessary (since I loathe chipped polish).

So as soon as I get some polish in my possession, I'm soaking these jokers off!

Guess it's time again to actually read the nail polish blogs I follow. At first glance, here are some colors I want to try:

Definitely have to get with some dark green....

Above two Photos courtesy of Never Unpolished

Photo courtesy of A Beauty and Nail Art Blog

With the sometimes drab colors of the fall and winter, I love the option of being to experiment with various nail polish colors. I will feel like my hands are knubby but it's ok....if I hadn't just paid $28 for my nails, I'd soak them off this weekend. I've done stranger things...

For those that wear your natural nails, I need product recommendations. Base coats, nail polish colors you love, shiny top coats that make the polish last longer. I look forward to hearing from you!


Kim {The Stylish Life} on November 6, 2010 at 9:12 PM said...

My favorite nail items: China Glaze's adhesive base coat and Sally Hansen's no chip acrylic top coat. Right now I'm loving dark green and "greige" polishes. I have a gorgeous navy that has subtle sparkle that I plan to take along to the salon next mani.

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