Update on Mae's "Sweet Shine" Spritz

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Of course I had to run out and gather ingredients for Mae's from Natural Chica "Sweet Shine" Spritz. You can see yesterday's post here.

For once, I couldn't wait to get home and braid my hair so I could try the product out this morning. I usually do not like the nighttime hair ritual; but I hate bad hair days worse--so what are you gonna do? *Kanye shrug*

Instead of putting mine in a spritz bottle, I put it in a 3 oz. pour bottle like this...

I moisturized, sealed and braided my hair in slightly smaller sections.

This morning, I followed Mae's instructions and here are my results...


My hair is soft (it's 5 PM as I write this post) and still looks somewhat defined. I think it will work and look much better on freshly washed hair. So I look forward to using this spritz (which I now call oil mix) this weekend when I wash and try a braidout (for the first time in my over 1.5 years of being natural).

I have LOVED this semi-protective style for the past week. I am going to wear a braidout this weekend and into next week. I will get my hair rebraided hopefully next Thursday prior to a trip to Orlando, Florida for a conference. Stay tuned for posts regarding my packing process for this trip. I am bound and determined NOT to overpack!

Keep your fingers crossed, I'm hoping to meet Prissy from Rush Our Fashion while in the area.


BreukelensFinest on March 18, 2011 at 9:32 AM said...

mae is a total hair guru! i'm glad to see it has worked for you. once i take my twists down i may give this a try


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